FAQ, What Is an Estate Sale?

What We Do: main Services we offer;

  • Estate sale Full house, lots of items for sale. Goal make money and empty house.
  • Moving sale, Smaller house or less items. Goal get house emptied for market and cover some of the cleanup.
  • Trade out / some good stuff some not so, we make sure the place gets empty out.
  • Cleanout / Junk removal. Trash Removal Service and cleanup.

Anna’s Attic can assist in holding a public estate sale at the homeowners Estate. Like a Garage Sale, but the Entire House!

  1. Our team of experts will advertise stage and organize the house for the estate sale.
  2. Individually price 90% of the household’s smaller items. Any heavy, larger or more expensive items over $99 are inventoried & priced with a printed sign for easy shopping.
  3. Host multiple day professional estate sale following California business practices.
  4. Offer weekend discounts for exceptional customer turn out.
  5. Liquidate remaining contents, donate and leave client with an empty house.
  6. Arrange final trash removal if requested.
  7. Provide check and paperwork finalizing the sale.

We will do all the work from start to finish.

  • Don’t throw Away or donate anything. Let our experts try to sell everything first. At the end of the sale whatever hasn’t sold we can then donate or throw away.
  • Smaller items add up! More variety the better, customers want a Walmart like shopping experience. Kitchen, Household & Office supplies, everything adds up.
  • The bigger the item the harder the sale. People want smaller basic household furniture, normal basic items sometimes sell better. Let us come take a look and see if we can help.
  • Vintage, retro & antique items are popular. Specifically clothing and smaller trinkets.
  • Anna’s Attic is licensed with 10+ years in business offering the best estate sale experience.
  • Professional signs & banners. Print and online advertising.
  • Customer service friendly, established business many repeat customers on first name basis.
  • $$$ Great Deals to the public, family friendly fun shopping.

Please call with any questions. Schedule a free 15min interview!

Robin Reader     619-995-5521   www.AAEstatesale.com Robin@AAEstatesale.com

An Estate Sale, is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate. These are usually much more than garage or yard sales. They are used when someone is in need of a way to sell items due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. The public is invited into the home and given the opportunity to purchase any item that is priced for sale. At times there are items that are not for sale because the family has decided to keep them or new owners of the house have made them part of a contract to buy the house.

Estate Auctions are where everything is auctioned instead of being marked with a selling price. We do not offer any auction services. 

There are several ways that Estate Sales are run. In ours Items are marked with a selling price, and if you want an item you usually pick it up and carry it with you until you are ready to check out. If an item is too large to carry, you can remove the tag and bring it to the register. If you do not want to pay the marked price, we accept reasonable BidBox offers. However, you are taking a chance that someone else might be willing to pay the marked price before the end of the sale when bids are usually opened.

For lining up and entering the sale, we use the First Come, First Served policy. This is when a line is formed at the door of the home where the sale is taking place. Lines may start several hours before the sale opens. Most people know how to use this system.

We begin our line at the start of the door, only offering first come first serve. We do not allow pre-sales or lists to be created.
We require that COVID’s 6 foot distance rule to still be intact while in line and at all times.
We will place a sign to show the starting of our checkout line and markers will be placed along the beginning. We will only allow a limited amount of people in at a time.
Cash and credit cards are now accepted. We do require a $10 minimum so that we do not have to charge you any fees.
We will charge sales tax charged on all purchases, to be expelled from taxes, a sellers permit is required.
We have limited plastic bags, bringing your own cloth bags is recommended.
You will be responsible to bring your own packing materials and boxes.
Sorry, we do apologize in advance, but we do not deliver or lift heavy items.
We try to help as much as we can, please contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you for your business!
All Sales are final. Goods are sold as is please test before you purchase.